Well, not what you might initially think of as a ‘website’ anyway.

You see a ‘website’ alone doesn’t achieve anything. It needs a strict purpose to do that.

If you have traffic to your site there’s a reason someone has landed there and that means it’s time to make the most of it.

How? By having an intended action you want to drive them towards.

You might want to:

  • Get them to call you.
  • Offer something in return for an enquiry.
  • Get them to email you or send a contact form.
  • Provide information that reinforces your credibility.
  • Build your email list by offering something in return for signing up.

Unless your website has been constructed in a manner that achieves any of the above you really need to question its effectiveness.

Let’s look at an example. Working with a client we discussed the aim of the site initially. Being a service based company the most powerful action is for the person visiting the site to reach out for help with their issue or project.

The clarity is obvious. Call us. A click initiating the call:

Before you spend vast sums of your cashflow think carefully. Do you need a ‘bells and whistles’ website that does more to inflate the ego of the ‘designer’ or a website that’s designed to appeal to the customer and their needs?

A good website is fully aligned to your business aims. It needs to provide you with a return on investment.

It has to be fast (to please Uncle Google) and it has to give people the information they need – quickly. Finally, it needs heaps of encouragement for them to take action. Otherwise how do you benefit from them being there?

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