Everyone wants to work hard at getting people onto their website, and that’s great.

The problem comes from your visitors’ lack of doing anything. Nobody benefits unless they take some form of action. Action that eventually helps your bottom line.

All websites have a bounce rate, defined by visitors that come along and do nothing other than leave again.

See for yourself the level of engagement these carefully constructed landing pages get in comparison to less optimised webpages.

Note: A landing page is a webpage specifically designed to lead a visitor into a specific action. We build these into our websites and they can be added as required.

Conversion xl.com

That’s why we’re passionate about building everything on your website with purpose.

When we build a webpage the first thing we consider is ‘what do we want the visitor to do as a result of being here?’.

It’s about focusing on the end result and how it’s likely to help your business grow.

It allows you to engage with potential prospects, customers or clients – otherwise you’re non the wiser as to who they are or why they came to your website.

In short, visits without engagement are wasted opportunities.

Copywriting a site well and giving visitors opportunities to opt-in to your knowledge products or services in some way will reap rewards and give you the opportunity to re-engage with them.

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