Our Clients’ Projects, In Action.

Figaro Beverley Restaurant Website Developed by White Web Agency

We worked with Figaro to improve their communication with customers and deliver a central point for accessing all menu options. We integrated a booking system and social media messaging to ensure customers could connect with the Figaro team quickly and easily. The new menu is showcased in an enticing format.

L. Wilmington & Co.

A bespoke jeweler located in downtown Los Angeles, we developed a new website for Lynne and her team. Using existing branding and product imagery we kept with a minimal design, allowing the products themselves to showcase the business.

Gas & Elec. Services

Frank and his team were getting traffic and leads from other third party websites but all of this left them out of control and without a website to validate their business online. By developing their own digital space we’ve helped create a professional image and clear opportunities for potential customers to make contact. We’ve also worked with them on social media channels.

ISNTV Sports Media

Supplying videography and sports coverage ISNTV needed a website to showcase their work and allow customers to find out more about them. We worked to deliver embedded video content and easy to access showreels in a design that puts ISNTV & Niche Media’s great footage at the forefront.