Let’s take a trip back to 2008. Mobile web design wasn’t even a thing and mobile web browsing was about to explode with the introduction of the iPhone. The global financial crisis was in full swing and, as if by coincidence, ‘Low’ by Flo Rida topped the most played song of the year.

Since then we’ve seen a gradual shift towards mobile optimised and ‘mobile-first’ web design. 

And now, it’s over? In essence yes. ‘Mobile only’ being more appropriate.


Should you be concerned?

Yes. Because Google have decided that their default and only position when indexing the web is from a mobile perspective.

For clarity, this means they now ONLY index sites based on mobile performance and criteria linked directly to this. There is no longer a distinction between mobile and desktop indexing.

Put simply, if your site isn’t designed for mobile it’s losing its existence with the behemoth search engine that millions of your potential customers use.

If your website isn’t correctly designed you’re at an immediate loss to your competitors. 75% of people look for a business to serve their needs online and almost 80% are on a mobile device.

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