Some reasons why you likely need a new website, or at least to update your current one…

1. It’s not mobile friendly

Since 2016, mobile usage has been higher than desktop usage online. It’s estimated that an average of 63% of internet traffic is now on mobile devices – and in some instances the number can be as high as 80%.

Increasingly, people are buying new mobile devices but not opting to purchase new desktop or laptop devices. Mobile usage will only increase.

Your website simply must be optimised for mobile usage.

If your website was designed over five years ago and not been updated since, the likelihood is that isn’t mobile friendly.

2. It’s not a secure website

When the internet first became commonplace, we all got used to the http:// on addresses. Now, it’s https:// that you want to see – with the s being key.

The s means the website is secure – known as an SSL Certificate.

And if you don’t have one, Google will start flagging your website as “not safe” when visitors click on.

If you want your business to look trustworthy, an SSL certificate is required.

3. It uses ‘Comic Sans’ font!

No matter how ‘friendly’ you want your business to look, the much-debated and oft-derided ‘Comic Sans’ font is not the answer!

The clue is in the name of it – Comic, a font designed for comedic effect, not for use to create a professional image for your business.

There’s even a website and campaign group explaining why Comic Sans is so bad for your business!

4. The email address is your personal Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail

You want to look professional and so an email address that reads as ‘’ does that. And it’s VERY easily achieved. These can simply be setup as redirects to your existing Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail and therefore not mean any change for you.

All it will do is make you look more professional!

5. Your website doesn’t sync with your social media channel(s)

Social media, love it or hate it, it’s a key part of any business strategy in the modern climate.

Your website needs to integrate and promote seamlessly across social media.

6. Your customers cannot find the information they need

A clear, coherent website is key. We’re called ‘White Web Agency’ because it has been found that “white space” is better on the eye for internet users.

White font on a black background is, according to studies, the hardest type of font to read. Your visitors will be put off and you’ll look less professional.

7. Your contact information is not easily available

More often than not, you want people to contact you after visiting your website. And from a user point of view the main reason they are arriving onto your website could well be because they want to contact you.

A ‘call to action’ with your contact information needs to be front and centre to your design.

8. You don’t know how to update or edit it

We hear from so many small business owners who have no clue how to edit their own website. To be honest, their original designer has failed them.

Here at WWA we make it as simple as sending an email for you to update your website.

9. It hasn’t been updated in the last two years

This is vital. With the aforementioned changes to mobile traffic and secure site certificates, plus the new GDPR compliance requirements, your website HAS to have been updated in the last two years.

If it hasn’t, and you’re not GDRP compliant, you risk being fined up to up to €10 million, or 2% of the worldwide annual revenue – yes, really.

Another reason your website must be regularly updated is to prevent security vulnerabilities – the way hackers access sites is because they haven’t been maintained and therefore secured.

10. You want the best ‘shop front’ for your online presence

If you had a messy signage at the front of your shop, you’d get it fixed. A lick of paint, a new logo, maybe a hanging basket! You want your shop front to look appealing, clean and professional.

Your website is your online shop front. Get it cleaned up, tidy and looking ready for business!

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